Plagiarism on wattpad: Attention fellow authors & Readers

I’m writing this, not only to defend my rights to the first book in my series: Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key but, to bring to attention something that I stumbled across on wattpad.
This user, GraceRules is using my book as her own. I have never used wattpad, so I was quite confused what was really going on, and then I noticed where she was using my previous “Black Cover” edition and removed my author name.
It was very disheartening to come across this, and I hope that potential readers will understand that my award winning book is available on all reading sites. Authors, please check out wattpad if you’re not on it, search your book title and confirm that you are not a victim of this as I am.

Thank you. Below are snapshots I took of her using my material and promising to write more for them. She has been reported to wattpad and I do hope wattoad will take this seriously.







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