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The Ancient Guardians Series is getting some fantastic updates!!!


While editing Book 3, we’ve had some extra work going on behind the scenes with Books 1&2 in the Ancient Guardians Series! Throughout these books being published, I’ve noticed errors in them…this drives me insane given the amount of work we have done to ensure these books are polished for the readers! Nothing is more annoying than being ripped out of a book due to an error! I have had another test reader go through and find practically every distracting error in both books! I can’t thank her enough, since the editor and I have gone both books over a hundred times (I’m exaggerating, but it feels that way). So, with that said both books are set to be reformatted on May 2 and reuploaded to Nook & Kindle! Softcovers will be updated within the week. If you have already purchased the ebooks, I know Amazon Kindle has a special way of updating your kindle (I’ll help with this once the books are reformatted and uploaded!) Also, The Uninvited has its new cover! So if you like the BLACK edition, nows the time to get that before it is replaced by the new cover replacing it! I can’t wait to reveal the new cover that will match The Legacy’s colorful cover!!! It’s an exciting time for The Ancient Guardians Series and I can’t thank all of the readers support…you keep me motivated and excited to be the author of this series! Your kind words and wonderful reviews help inspire to continue on and improve the Ancient Guardians Series!
Have a great day,
SL Morgan

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Your art is a gift!

Okay, so I’m a little late getting around to finally watching the first episode of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
I’m not sure who has or hasn’t watched the episode, but Will Smith is his first guest.
When Jimmy asked Will how he manages life in show biz. Will’s response was that he manages well, but, with his kids coming into it…it’s a whole different story. When he told Jimmy the advice he gives his children. I paused the DVR right there, I had to write this down. I think this advice is useful for everyone and I had to share it!
Will Smith’s advice to his kids:
“Keep Loving People. Make sure with your art that it is a gift to people, to help their lives be better-to be brighter! People who are in it for their own ego’s and doing it for themselves are the ones who fail!”


I couldn’t agree more, because it’s the only reason I had the courage to share my novel series with the entire reading world. I enjoyed writing it, it was an exciting story for me, and I published it in hopes that it offer the same excitement for others who read it as well. ***At the time, I never thought the characters would hold me hostage and write five books about their adventures! ;-)***
Happy Reading! Happy Writing! Just be HAPPY!!!!

SL Morgan
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A night to remember…Book 3

Ancient Guardians Book 3

Love is in the air…

In the third book of the Ancient Guardians series, this was one of my favorite chapters to write. It was the first draft, of course.

What is the quote; “Write with the door closed, edit with the door open?”

And here I am…with the door open…

I have done A LOT of research on how to write a ‘love scene’ between two characters in the genre my book is in. As a writer, you have a lot to consider with who your audience is and you must respect that in your writing.
The Ancient Guardians series follows a young college girl who is swept into the enchanting dimension of Pemdas. The man (Levi Oxley, The Emperor’s son and also the man who served as her guardian on Earth) that she slowly becomes ‘taken with’ and eventually (spoiler alert) falls in love with and he admits his love for her as well! (Given the ages of these characters, this book is technically not a young adult series.) But, I have young adults reading it and enjoying it)

In the first two books of this series, I got to play with the two main character’s affection toward each other…and it was definitely fun writing those scenes! However, we are now in Book 3!
When I first started thinking about how I would ‘take on the writing’ of their night of…well, let’s just say, Passion! I literally asked the question; why did I do this to myself? Why did I have to make two characters fall in love and build up to their ‘Wedding night?’ (Maybe I should just make them break up? Ha! Just kidding…might as well end the series there ;+}) Not happening…there are too many adventures ahead of us).

This is where I went to other Author’s and their blogs for advice! (They’ve been down this road)

I have learned quite a bit from these excellent authors and how I should approach this particular chapter without embarrassing my characters, the readers or myself as the author. This series has attracted readers from ages 13 and up to ages 70!
Writing explicit scenes is definitely not my personal style (there are plenty of other books out there, by great authors, to help appease the reading audience that would enjoy that, thank goodness for that ;-}) But, as the author of the Ancient Guardians, I’ve created a different standard with my characters and also a much different style of my writing to show the heated passion between these two characters…and now, in Book 3, we are bringing it up a notch. How will SL Morgan approach this? Very carefully!

So in my research, two questions by these helpful authors were asked of me!
1. Do you chicken out, and kick the door closed and leave it a mystery to your readers? 🐣🐓🐣

My answer: I can’t necessarily do that, I’ve enjoyed building up to this special moment for the readers! Why would I give them more passionate scenes in previous books, tease them, and then just shut the door on them when the moment FINALLY arrives between my two little love birds? So kicking the door closed is definitely the easiest way out…but I don’t operate, or write, that way! I LOVE a good challenge in my writing…and I’m about to take it on!

Second Question:

2. Do you give the readers just enough, and let their imaginations do the rest….
My answer: Yes, that is exactly what I do. It’s a special moment my between characters. Believe me, they have waited for it, and endured through quite a bit to achieve their special night!

So, here I go….writing a scene that is respectful to my characters, readers and the novel series. This challenge will be fun, exciting and hopefully after the editor and I have approved it…it will be well received by its reading audience!

I have to look at it all this way…

If I can sweep readers into a captivating dimension and help them escape reality with the other two books, I think I can find the proper words to deliver the fun, loving and passionate romance of these two characters without making readers cringe!
Now, I’m off to take my personal challenge!
Happy reading, writing & editing.
Here we go……
Ancient Guardians: Book 3
A night to remember!”


SL Morgan

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Good writing is the hardest form of thinking…


Quote of the day! 🙂
SL Morgan
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Having a little fun with Ancient Guardians!

I forgot how much I enjoy drawing. So, I thought I’d sketch out and play with a character….


This is just a little ‘sketch’ of a Guardian Warrior! (If you have a particular idea of what Levi looks like in your mind…just act like this is someone else ;))
So, here it is…Battle of Armedias in Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited.
I had fun playing around with sketching out Levi’s character in his Guardian regalia and ready for war! It’s not the greatest, but it was fun! Thought I would share.


I love this! Everyone needs inspiration!


As authors we pour our hearts and souls into our writing. We edit and edit and edit and revise and rewrite and edit and edit! (A lot of ‘ands’ in there) but it is true. Our work MUST be polished and ready when it is time to publish. It is hard work for me, but I endure.
As writers, we our passionate about our work and hope that when we finally have our manuscripts ready for publish, that they will be received well by the wonderful world of readers. In most cases they are, but the truth is… Not everyone will enjoy your story! Some will gladly point out why they despised it, while others will happily and generously write why they loved or enjoyed it. It really is the beautiful thing about being a published author…some of the bad reviews will hurt, but you absolutely can’t focus on those. (Maybe use their critique to help you improve)
So long as we understand that everyone is different and have different opinions (thank goodness) we’ll easily accept those reviews that hurt. We won’t let them discourage us! We’ll focus on the reviews that made at least one reader fall in love with our story! That’s what it’s all about! Finding that one person that needed to read a book like yours!
I write this short blog, because I have been privately asked by other writers who are quite intimidated to publish their work, due to harsh criticism they see other authors receive.
I always answer with, not everyone will appreciate or enjoy your story. But, the point to writing is that someone out there needs your story. Your escape and your imagination!
I love this quote by Tom Hiddleston (well known as Loki in the Avengers). It keeps everything in perspective for anyone putting their work out for criticism.
So I say to Tom’s inspirational quote, “Shall we Dance, Tom? I prefer to dance in the rain!”
Author of the Ancient Guardians Novel Series



Give me the words and I will write you a story….


My daughter had a homework assignment she deemed impossible! It was ‘write a story with all 25 spelling words!’
Knowing that her Mom writes and has two published books, she decided to ask for help. After I began the process of teaching her that nothing is impossible as long as you try. I start in on the story. Just as I do, when I write anything, I get fully absorbed into the story with her spelling words such as: sky, I’d, above, between… (You get the point) I look up and see my daughter has abandoned me to do her homework! (I noticed this sneaky photo she took of me as well)
Nice try!
So, in order to teach my daughter that nothing is impossible and she could write a story too, I turned it into a competion…We’ll each write our own story and see which one is better!
She took the challenge:
We titled the story: “A day at the park!”
I knew I had the little monkey…this is what I do after all! NOPE, big brothers voted and little sister wins! And I quote:
She put birds in the sky mom, you just have fluffy clouds in your sky. (Sky is one of the spelling words).
I tried to redeem myself by saying, I can put birds in the sky and they will fly in lazy circles as the sun’s rays peek through the white, billowy clouds…
They all look at me like I’m crazy and respond, “Well, you should have thought of that while you were writing your story. My response: It was a first draft! 😇
Didn’t work, didn’t help.. SL Morgan author loses a writing contest to her eight year old daughter!
And so it shall be, it won’t be the first contest I lose, but at least a lesson was learned today and my daughter achieved what she believed was impossible! So, as a “Mom” I win! We all win! I love my little monkeys!